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Investment Philosophy and Process

Our investment philosophy and process seek to diversify sources of alpha, thus ensuring consistent risk adjusted returns over time. We have been employing this approach since inception of the business.

Our investment philosophy seeks to generate competitive, risk-adjusted returns on a consistent basis through any full market cycle. We do this through a focus on active investing based on equity and asset class selection and integrate these with portfolio construction techniques and processes to manage risk.

A top-down strategy is applied in deciding asset class choices while the bottom-up stock selection approach is driven by the belief that fundamental intrinsic asset class and company valuation is the only basis for sustained long-term investing.

Our investment philosophy is best described as follows:

  • We are judicious investors: In seeking to deliver risk-adjusted returns, we believe it is key to understand the risk-reward payoff to any investment. We, therefore, build scenarios to better help us understand and visualize where we could be wrong (upside and downside) and the likely impact on our base case investment thesis.
  • We are fundamental research and valuation-based investors: we believe our approach to research and valuation using the ROE decomposition methodology helps us understand the true drivers of shareholder value in any company.
  • We are long-term investors: given our investment approach, we would prefer our clients to assess the success of our efforts over a 3 to 5-year investment horizon.
  • We are process-driven investors: We believe that a clearly defined investment process is key for ensuring the repeatability of investment success.
  • We are team-based investors: we believe there is a greater benefit to the client in exposing them to the collective insights of diverse views and insights of a philosophically aligned team, as opposed to the vagrancies of a star portfolio manager.

Consistent Out-performance of Benchmarks

Since inception in 1998, the various Prescient QuantPlus funds have delivered consistent, incremental out-performance above the clients’ required benchmarks, while simultaneously adhering to the risk requirements.

Investment Operations

Investment operations are outsourced to a specialist administration entity, Maitland Fund Services. This allows the business to focus on its core competency, which is investment management. We do, however, have an internal middle office team that focuses on client reporting, portfolio reconciliation, cashflow management and client onboarding and disinvestments.

Hangala Capital Unit Trust Limited


Hangala Capital is a Namibian financial services company with asset management and white-labeling offerings. It is the preferred investment company of choice as it ensures the preservation of capital and high returns.

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