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Asset Management

Through Hangala Capital and in a joint venture with Nineteen Nil Four Holdings, Hangala Capital Holdings has been established, in which Hangala Capital effectively owns a 67% shareholding. Hangala Capital Holdings through Hangala Capital Investment Management, a licensed Namibian Asset Management Company, offers unit trusts as well as segregated solutions, with close to N$ 3 billion of assets under management.

Hangala Capital has a technical agreement with Prescient Holdings for providing portfolio and administration management services since the asset management company was established in 2011. Prescient is a multinational business with its head office in Cape Town, and whose operations span sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia that offers leading innovative investment solutions to its clients. Over the years Prescient has evolved into a partnership of people and companies, servicing a broad range of clients across a number of disciplines around the world.

Investment Philosophy

Hangala Capital is a quantitative investment manager. At Hangala Capital, we define risk as the probability of not meeting the investment objectives of the client. To this extent, positions taken in portfolios are mathematically tested using different scenarios to determine portfolio outcome. This ensures that positions taken will, on the upside, deliver on client expectation, while at the same time, in down markets, it will not breach the risk objective of the client. The core of Hangala Capital's investment philosophy is capital preservation and the management of downside risk.

Quatplus Process

Hangala Capital's investment philosophy gives rise to a distinctive style, QuantPlus® which defines the investment process that Prescient Investment Management employs. The process is essentially an 'enhanced' benchmark process, with the client's risk limits determining the size of positions taken relative to the risk benchmark. "Quants" refers to the quantitative process where position outcome is tested to ensure that it will meet the client's objectives. "Plus" refers to the process where the enhancements and positions are systematically taken to generate additional performance above the benchmark, while still adhering to the client's risk limits.

Investment Process

Hangala Capital starts by defining a risk benchmark as well as a performance target. The risk benchmark describes the minimum return under adverse market conditions. The portfolio will be structured, i.e. position deviation from the benchmark will match the risk tolerance to ensure that at worst the return will meet the risk or minimum return benchmark. At the same time, should the market condition favour the position direction, the client return will be maximised given the risk tolerance or benchmark.

Hangala Capital Unit Trust Limited

Consistent Out-performance of Benchmarks

Since inception in 1998, the various Prescient QuantPlus funds have delivered consistent, incremental out-performance above the clients’ required benchmarks, while simultaneously adhering to the risk requirements.


Hangala Capital is a Namibian financial services company with asset management and white-labeling offerings. It is the preferred investment company of choice as it ensures the preservation of capital and high returns.

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