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Hangala Capital rebrands investment management companies

April 8, 2021

Hangala Capital rebrands investment management companies

Trofimus Shapange

Trofimus Shapange

In January 2011, Hangala Capital (Pty) Ltd together with its shareholding partner Nineteen Nil Four Holdings (Pty) Ltd, teamed up in a ground-breaking partnership with Prescient Holdings, a Cape Town-based global investment manager that offers leading innovative investment solutions to its clients. As a result, two (2) entities registered with NAMFISA and serving the Namibian public were created, namely, HangalaPrescient Investment Management (Pty) Ltd which was registered as an Investment Manager providing portfolio and administration management services, and HangalaPrescient Unit Trust Ltd, providing collective investment schemes.
To date, these entities have gone from strength to strength, establishing a loyal clientele and a reputation for excellence in the Namibian financial sector. Hangala Capital is pleased to announce a rebranding exercise under which the names of the two entities mentioned above will be changes to Hangala Capital Investment Management (Pty) Ltd and Hangala Capital Unit Trust Ltd, respectively effective 1st March 2021. In the case of Hangala Capital Unit Trust Ltd, there is also a corresponding change to the names of its unit trust portfolio funds.

However and most importantly, our clearly defined investment process will stay unchanged as the successful relationship with Prescient will continue. Prescient remains our Technical Partner providing portfolio and administration management services and thereby ensuring continued quality and security across the range of services provided by Hangala Capital Investment Management.

Our market study confirmed that evolving our name rather than completely changing it helps us take the next step on a journey to which we remain passionately committed – the journey of creating wealth for Namibians in particular, and the Namibian economy in general. We will continue adhering to the same philosophy that has brought us this far, namely, protection of invested capital and focusing on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns across a range of investment mandates of those who have trusted their capital in our care. We do so by drawing on the best resources available internationally and applying them locally to develop Namibian capacity and Namibian solutions for our clients and stakeholders. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Prescient and working with the Namibian investment community in delivering services meeting the highest standards of innovation and trustworthiness.

Hangala Capital is a financial arm of the Hangala Group and is involved in asset management and private equity businesses. Hangala Capital manages four (4) unit trust funds namely, the Hangala Capital Money Market, Income Provider, Absolute Balanced, and Corporate Funds.


Hangala Capital is a Namibian financial services company with asset management and white-labeling offerings. It is the preferred investment company of choice as it ensures the preservation of capital and high returns.

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