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Hangala Capital Absolute Balanced Fund
Investment objective

The Hangala Capital Absolute Balanced Fund seeks to deliver real returns over the long term. In periods of rising markets, the Fund delivers as much upside as it can, while in periods of equity market crashes, the Fund has structures in place to cushion the impact, delivering steady, low volatility real returns. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant.

Investment process

The Fund invests in cash, capital market instruments and equities with an active asset allocation overlay. The portfolio is structured to optimise returns in positive market cycles. The allocation between asset classes is actively managed to enhance returns and protection strategies may be employed to reduce risk. The Fund invests locally and internationally with at least 35% of the portfolio invested into Namibian assets.

Who should invest?

The Fund is suitable for investors with a medium to long term investment horizon, who are seeking capital growth, and require downside volatility management.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment for the Fund is a N$10 000 lump-sum or a N$500 monthly contribution.


Initial Fee: 0.00%
Annual Management Fee: 1.00%

Fund Fact Sheets


Hangala Capital is a Namibian financial services company with asset management, private equity and white labeling offerings. In asset management it is the preferred investment company of choice as it ensures preservation of capital and  high returns. On private equity it provide debt financing  for infrastructure.

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