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Rowland is one of Namibia's more notorious economists. He is a regular in Namibian and regional print, broadcast, and digital media. He has presented to and worked with most of the large corporates in the country and has worked with Namibia's core financial ministries, offices, and agencies, providing advice to various ministers and high-level advisors.

He was involved in key Namibian policy development, including extensive involvement in the crafting of Namibia's Fourth National Development Plan and Industrial Policy, Namibia's Growth at Home Strategy, and various budget documents. He is a fellow of the Institute for Public Policy Research, where he works primarily on budget and business climate analysis. Since 2014, he has served as a technical expert to the International Monetary Fund, where his work has focused on financial stability and stress testing, particularly in East Africa.

He consulted to the Namibia Statistics Agency when it was newly formed, as well as many other state-owned enterprises. Rowland was Namibia's top-rated bank analyst from 2014 to 2016, and has done extensive fixed income research, much of which has been presented to multi-billion dollar fund managers across the region. He is the founding chairperson of the Economic Association of Namibia and a graduate of the US State Department's International Visitor Leadership Programme to the United States.
Rowland Brown

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